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Why everyone is so obsessed with matcha and why you should be too!

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Why everyone is so obsessed with matcha and why you should be too!

Matcha is the new craze! It seems like nowadays, everyone is talking about it, drinking it, and eating it. Many celebrities, influencers, and athletes have even confessed their love for the benefits of matcha powder:


    Lady Gaga started drinking matcha in place of smoking.

    Brad Pitt used matcha to leave alcohol behind.


    Drake has reported to have invested a sum into matcha.

    Serena Williams drinks matcha as her afternoon pick-me-up.

    Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr have shared their love of adding matcha to their smoothies.


    But why has green tea matcha suddenly taken the West by storm? Let's take a look!

    Live Healthy, Get Fit, & Lose Weight

    Consumed by monks in Japan for centuries, Matcha green tea has become an integral part of Japanese culture. Today, you can find Matcha tea everywhere in forms of health shots, teas, lattes, deserts, beers, and more! Matcha has been found to be one of the best sources for health benefits. Great for weight loss, Matcha is made from green tea plants, however, unlike traditional green tea, Matcha is much more concentrated, utilizing the whole leaf, and containing up to 10x or more potency!


    Protection Against Heart Disease

    Matcha green tea helps lower LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides, limiting your risk of death from stroke and heart disease.


    Boost Brain Function

    One study on 23 people showed how they performed their tasks when they consumed matcha and how it affected their attention span, reaction time, and memory. Another study on the elderly showed that their consumption of matcha helped with improving their brain function.


    Protect the Liver

    A study on diabetic rats found that after 16 weeks matcha helped in protecting both their livers and kidneys from harm.


    Can Prevent Cancer

    As per some studies with matcha, it contains healthy compounds which are known worldwide to even prevent prostate, skin, lung, as well as liver cancer.



    Matcha contains a chemical called "L-theanine", which contributes in calming your senses and relaxing your nerves. Having a cup of matcha tea before bed time will grant a good night's sleep, which has a direct impact on your metabolism. It is known to also reduce anxiety levels by increasing alpha brain waves, which essentially relaxes you and reduces beta brain waves, which are known to make you more active. 


    Low in Calories

    Matcha tea has only 3 calories per gram, making it a great low-calorie drink, so even if you choose to have 2-3 cups a day, it will not affect your diet plan.


    Fat Burning

    EGCG Catechins in Matcha help with increasing your body's thermogenesis, helping fat burn increase up to 35-43%!


    Boost Your Metabolism

    If you want to keep the fat off after you lose it, it's important to have a high metabolism. EGCG Catechins found in Matcha help boost metabolism and shed excess fat both during and after exercise.


    Manage Blood Glucose Levels

    Matcha tea helps with reducing and regulating insulin levels, as it contains a fairly large amount of fiber. This gives you that fullness feeling and stops you from overeating and putting a stop to the rise in your glucose levels.


    Reduce Cholesterol Levels

    EGCG Catechins are also antioxidants, known to reduce cholesterol levels and stop the body from absorbing bad cholesterol.


    These are just some of the benefits that you'll get from matcha! But if you look around, there are so many different choices to pick from. How do you know which can be trusted?

    Here are some tips on how you can select quality Matcha tea for your morning routine:

      The Origin

      Although matcha originated from China, Japan leads the world with the highest quality matcha production and has the tea ingrained into its own culture. You'll want to look for the point of origin. The highest grades of matcha are known to be produced from Uji, Yame, and Nishio, with Uji being the most well known for it's traditional practices in production. Other areas producing matcha are Shizuoka and Kagoshima, with Kagoshima being known for it's new age innovations and quantity production.



      High quality Matcha has a bright, vibrant, and lustrous green color, while low quality matcha is light green, yellow, or brown, which indicate a lower level of chlorophyll production in the leaves and oxidization. The texture should be consistent, comparable to corn starch.

      From the picture above, looking left to right (worst to best), note the difference in visual quality is different for different grades of matcha.



      Premium Matcha has the smell of pine and rich vegetation with a light chocolate, nut, and cream flavored scent.  



      And finally, quality matcha will have different layers of taste - sweet, umami, and bitter. The taste should be dense as well as rich but finish with a verdant and vibrant aftertaste.


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