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Matcha Paradise was created when we, as hustling millennials, found ourselves struggling to meet deadlines and burning out. Growing up on the sandy beaches of Hawaii and California, we realized the importance of indulging in self-care and taking moments to kick back and unwind. Now, we’re so excited to share with you a taste of Matcha Paradise so you too, can feel healthy, happy and relaxed. Just think of us like your mini mental vacation. You’re welcomeπŸ˜‰

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Hey, I'm Emily!

Growing up, I remember being the new kid in 1st grade who brought green cookies to school one day... My mom’s no Dr. Seuss but she had baked me my favorite Matcha & White Chocolate Chip cookies to share with my classmates.
 Fortunately, despite being the only Japanese student, I somehow convinced my suspicious new friends that green cookies were BOMB.COM πŸ’£ I loved how sharing homemade snacks and experimenting with new recipes surrounded me with awesome friends.
 Fast forward 20 years later and I still suggest baking or cooking as one of my go-to activities to get my friends together. There's something about recreating Pinterest-inspired recipes...either feeling accomplished or laughing about epic "expectations vs. reality" fails! πŸ˜‚ 



Hey, I'm Jay!

Coffee never really did it for me, and neither did that drink that gives you wings. I’d always end up having another...and another… and end up feeling terrible, crashing shortly after. Juggling responsibilities, staying motivated, and hustling all day, every day, can be quite challenging when you’re not at 100%. 
That’s when I discovered Matcha and all the benefits that come with it. Just one cup of premium quality Matcha in the morning and one in the afternoon gives me a consistent, steady flow of energy throughout the rest of the day - making me a happy boy! - without any of the constant fatigue of the past. 
That’s why we went straight to the source in Kyoto, Japan - We want to share the happiness that only the very best quality matcha can bring to the world. You haven’t tried REAL matcha until you’ve tried ours.


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